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Dec. 5, 2022

Are You Open to Change? with Brittany Kolb

Do you feel comfortable talking about your weight problems? How can you discuss weight sensitively and impart valuable knowledge without offending people? Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. Are you open to change?...

Do you feel comfortable talking about your weight problems? How can you discuss weight sensitively and impart valuable knowledge without offending people?

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. Are you open to change? Many times people try to change through actions only but ignore the impact that mindset plays in invoking long-term change. 


Weight-related issues can make people extremely sensitive. Hence, talking about weight can be incredibly uncomfortable because you never know how various people will respond to it. Many people experience difficulties with how they weigh and often get anxious about how they can keep the weight off. Usually, it can lead to them trying various dieting plans, pills, and weight loss programs yet still failing to obtain their desired results. Thus, weight gain is sometimes an indication of an underlying problem. It is crucial to figure out and address the issue's root cause and create a meaningful relationship with our food intake.


Brittany Kolb is a working mother, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She helps busy moms and women in advanced healthcare roles to lose weight for good. Brittany became a certified life and weight loss coach to help other women achieve permanent weight loss. She aims to give women the freedom to move on with their lives without the burden of their weight being an issue. Thus, she believes so deeply that permanent weight loss can be simple and is attainable for anyone who wants it.


In this special episode with Brittany Kolb, we'll learn about the journey of an empowered woman who has been in a pattern of restriction and deprivation to get her weight off. She experienced the stress and anxiety that resulted in being an emotional eater. But then she found life and weight loss coaching, which finally enabled her to have control over food and lose weight for good.


"If you use food to handle stress and relieve your anxiety, it's a well-worn thought pattern that will continue to increase your desire to keep doing that over and over again." – Brittany Kolb



Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:16) Introducing our special guest, Brittany Kolb

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(00:02:04) What led Brittany to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

(00:06:04) How does Brittany relate her being a CRNA in coaching for weight loss?

(00:06:56) Establishing a sincere relationship with people

(00:09:12) The weight loss coach: Coaching from a medical standpoint

(00:10:14) Our actions are driven by our emotions   

(00:11:13) Well-worn thought pattern: Using food to relieve anxiety

(00:12:23) The desire to eat and overeat: Creating change in your brain

(00:13:27) How to approach a weight loss program?

(00:15:55) People can get very sensitive about their weight.

(00:17:00) Many weight issues are not our fault.

(00:18:57) It takes a proper and sincere approach to influence change in others.

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(00:22:07) Lifestyle changes are something to be sustained.

(00:23:32) What was the most rewarding thing for a weight loss coach?

(00:24:09) The compelling need to break generational patterns

(00:25:39) What makes a weight loss journey successful?

(00:26:44) Be willing to help and evaluate yourself

(00:27:51) Always make room for growth

(00:29:05) Final TimeOut with Brittany Kolb: How do you counsel people about making their resolution for the forthcoming year?

(00:30:53) Resolve to change your relationship with food.

(00:31:55) Focusing on the day-to-day process of getting better

(00:34:07) Connect with Brittany Kolb



Key Takeaways:

"I want to care for one person at a time and focus on that person entirely. That's why I think anesthesia was a good fit for me." – Brittany Kolb


"My goal when I do anesthesia is to work together with my patient to get all the information from them that they need and to create a safe place for them." – Brittany Kolb


"The goal in coaching is to have something that you would like to change and help you change it using your mind." – Brittany Kolb


"Your feelings drive your actions, and your thoughts drive your feelings. And so, if you're only focused on the actions, you can never get to deal with the thoughts and the feelings that are contributing to the actions." – Brittany Kolb


"People can get very sensitive about weight. Addressing weight can be uncomfortable because you never know the reaction you will get from a different person." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"My job is to help people achieve whatever result they want, whether losing a certain amount of weight or just gaining control around food. And I don't think anyone has to lose weight if they don't want to necessarily." – Brittany Kolb


"A lot of people do want to lose weight, and what I think people don't realize and don't understand is that a lot of weight issues are not their fault." – Brittany Kolb


"People have normal functioning human brains designed to increase pleasure, decrease pain and do that as efficiently as possible, and food is incredibly good at that. So, it makes good sense that your brain gets rewarded with a flood of dopamine beyond what our bodies are supposed to be normally handling." – Brittany Kolb


"It's tough if a door is not open and willing to accept education or not willing to make a change." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"One of the things that I think is super interesting in weight loss coaching is breaking generational patterns." – Brittany Kolb


"If it were that simple, then everyone would be whatever weight they wanted, and no one would be trying to lose weight." – Brittany Kolb


"There should always be room for growth and room for development." – Brittany Kolb


"Make a resolution to change your relationship with food." – Brittany Kolb


"I need to be 1% better today than yesterday, which means it's a process. I don't focus on the goal; instead, I focus on the day-to-day grind and process of just getting better." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"Get some small wins, and then start to attack some of the bigger things." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


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Brittany Kolb

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I am a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach who specializes helping women in healthcare and busy moms achieve permanent weight loss and end their battle with food.