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July 25, 2022

The Role of Parents in Youth Sports with Troy Horne: Author of Mental Toughness For Young Athletes

Are you a parent? How can you help your children achieve their dreams and be really good at it? There are certain people in this world who can make us keep moving forward and encourage us when we feel like a failure. Definitely, parents are among the...

Are you a parent? How can you help your children achieve their dreams and be really good at it?

There are certain people in this world who can make us keep moving forward and encourage us when we feel like a failure. Definitely, parents are among the best persons to have such an influence. A great quote says, “Behind every young child who believed in himself is a parent who believed first”. It is indeed a timely reminder for every one of us that our influence can be another one's encouragement. Definitely, a parent-child relationship is a foundational bond that can create a stronger heart and mind for the generation ahead of us. 

Troy Horne is a sports dad and an entertainer. He is the author of a motivational book entitled “Mental Toughness for Young Athletes. He is a motivator who is changing the dynamics of youth athletics.

In this special episode with Troy Horne, we'll view the sports world from a parent's perspective. This sports dad will help us understand the heart of a parent who sees his children reaching their dreams.  Then set a goal to get them to the next level by extending a helping hand. 

“And for my kids, I'm always 100% no matter what you wanna do, let's figure out how to do it. Obviously, there are no guarantees of life. But we're gonna go, we're gonna learn about this and we're gonna at least know what we're doing. We're not gonna guess we're going to read books we're gonna learn.” –  Troy Horne


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00)  Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:11)  Introducing our special guest, Troy Horne

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(00:02:51)  A young man who follows a different path: Who is Troy Horne?

(00:07:33)  Moses' Passion: The beginning of the basketball journey

(00:08:22) The original purpose of the book " Mental toughness for Young athletes": Strategies that could benefit Moses

(00:12:45)  The subconscious mind and the philosophy behind: The Do versus The Don’t 

(00:14:56)  The Power of Visualization: The theater of your mind is the most powerful thing that you can create.

(00:16:10)  The engraving technique: Imitate the expert, not the ordinary.

(00:18:07)  How old was Moses when you first noticed him starting to be the student of the game? 

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(00:22:58)  The Heart of a Parent: How can I help struggling youth succeed in whatever he is trying to achieve?

(00:23:30)  The journey of capturing amazing moments: Understanding the life experiences of sports legends

(00:28:36)  Final TimeOut with Troy Borne: What advice do you give a parent who is trying to support their kid as they chase the game that they love?

 (00:36:54)  Connect with Troy Borne and Moses Horne

(00:31:43)  Choosing to commit means deciding to be consistent: Every day I'm gonna do a little

(00:32:30)  What's the importance of actually physically writing down your dreams?


Key Takeaways:

“The thing I would say for any parents out there who are beginning that journey. Remember that this thing is gonna go fast. It goes really fast, enjoy all the moments. And although, we push them to excellence always remember to have some fun times with them as well because they grow fast.. ”– Troy Horne

“Many times when you have that inkling or that idea, and you just start to pursue it, it'll start to gain clarity each step of the way..”–Troy Horne

“So we definitely have to be careful with our words and even when we're trying to give positive criticism or constructive criticism. We still have to be very careful with the way that we voice things. ”–Troy Horne

“Your subconscious mind as crazy as it sounds can't understand "don't do whatever", you only hears "do whatever," which is weird as we are like conscious being.”– Troy Horne

“Comfort is the enemy of progress. And so I would say always be finding a way to motivate them and inspire them to leave their comfort zone. Maybe sticking it for a little bit but then it's time to leave if we're going to where we want to go.”– Troy Horne

“It's about consistency. It's about always showing up. It's about continuing even when you don't want to, and those are messages and lessons you can use in life as an adult.”– Troy Horne


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Troy Horne


I'm a dad who's big on doing what you love. I have always been a pursuer of my dreams and that pursuit lead me to being on Star Search as a kid, touring the world singing A cappella with one of the original groups The House Jacks, being featured on NBC's the Sing Off and Starring on Broadway. It also lead me to write a book for and with my eldest about Mental toughness. We interviewed, NBA Champion Chauncey Billups, Earl Boykins, Dereck White of the Celtics, 2x NBA Dunk Champion Jason Richardson and the Late Great Kobe Bryant. All things are possible if you believe. My mission is to change people's mindset so that they believe that whatever they put their minds to they can achieve.