Where Life, Sports and Medicine Intersect!


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He cares about other doctors!

This is a very different podcast as it's not self promotional. Derrick isn't a coach or selling some course - he's out there just giving straight talk to help doctors. Well done!!

An Absolute pleasure!

I absolutely love listening to Dr. Burgess' podcast! As a fellow physician, I feel like he really understands the human side of medicine and always asks the most important questions. I appreciate how he dives into the importance of mindset in our work and how our profession impacts every aspect of our lives. Each guest he features brings a unique perspective to the table, and I always walk away with valuable insights that I can reflect on. This podcast is a must-listen for every physician!

Keep it going!!!

This is a great podcast. I have learned so much from Dr. Derrick and the amazing people he has interviewed. It’s absolutely fascinating and inspiring to what people have created for themselves and with each podcast the Dr. Derrick continues to deliver new and interesting information from a unique perspective.

Dr. Burgess Delivers Confidence

This is a wonderful resource for physicians and non-physicians to learn wonderful lessons in life and acquire tools for success.

Great questions & great guests

Having been both a listener and a guest on the show, really appreciate how Dr. Burgess zeroes in on important topics and draws out lessons from the experts he brings on. Save this one to your favorites!

Great interviews!

Dr. Burgess does a great job interviewing his guests and really educating his audience without overloading them!

Necessary Conversations

Thankful that Dr. Burgess is using his voice and speaking on necessary conversations. These talks are need to be held not only in youth sports but in sports period. The podcast gives insight to so many things needed.

Dr. Burgess' Voice Is Necessary

“Like many things in life, you can ponder for an idea and wait for it to be perfect and to manifest but without starting.... it will not happen.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess. Helpful, practical and encouraging!

“Shift your mindset….change your life.”

Dr. Derrick Burgess is a great voice in the podcast arena with athletes sharing their experiences and journey. Dr. Burgess incorporates his strong background, knowledge, and speciality of being a Board Certified, Orthopedic Surgeon and Sportsmedicine Specialist into the podcast episodes while sharing athlete’s powerful messages! “TimeOut With The SportsDr Podcast, where life, sports and medicine intersect” is motivating, inspiring, and keeps the listener engaged! I subscribed after listening and watching the Esmeralda Figueroa episode 62. I loved the theme and conversation, “Shift your mindset….change your life.”

My Number One Podcast!!!

“TIMEOUT WITH THE SPORTS DR” is my favorite Podcast!! I have been introduced to many profound, outstanding and interesting individuals from ALL WALKS of LIFE!! Dr. Burgess has such a pleasant, easygoing demeanor that revealing one’s truest self easily flows during his interviews. He and his wife, Dr. Myeasha Burgess are to be commended for saying “YES” to a passionate, though challenging and time consuming venture! I encourage listeners to CHECK OUT this podcast and BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS!!!

Passion for Podcast

Dr. Derrick puts his heart and soul into each podcast episode. His determination to continue producing meaningful content is evident. Congratulations on the 1st year! Cheers to more. :)

Great Listen

Dr. Burgess does an outstanding job at asking intentional questions and getting authentic responses from his guests. Everyone should follow!!!

Well done!

I enjoyed the podcast, it was motivating, informative and upbeat!

The best!!!

Can’t stop watching

This Man Is The MVP of His Own League!!!

I love the flow of the conversations, the interactions are genuine! There’s many different types of conversations and many different types of people! It’s a one stop shop! The work is beautiful the message is beautiful! Great job!

A great listen

Dr. Burgess is a great interviewer who creates discussion that builds people up! This is a podcast definitely worth following!

Dr. Derrick Knows the Intersection of Sports & Medicine

I really appreciate how Dr. Burgess allows himself to be curious of the guest. He asks those direct and thought provoking questions to get some real insight and not fluff from the guests. I can appreciate that about his show. Also his, "This is your last timeout," it's unique and a nice add to let us know the show is coming to a close. Jonathan Jones Host of the your Podcast Mentor Show with Jonathan Jones

A Natural

Great positive podcast and Dr. Burgess is a natural with a great interview style. Highly recommend!

Amazing host!

Dr. Burgess is an inspiration to young physicians. He has an excellent podcast and amazing/very inspirational guests. 10/10 would recommend.

Great conversations, always value add

This is a MUST LISTEN podcast. Dr.Burgess is down to earth and talks about a wide variety of interesting topics. His combination of years of medical practice, humility, and enthusiasm add depth to each and every conversation! Highly recommend!

Leaves me feeling better every time I listen

I love this podcast. Dr. Burgess is enthusiastic, inspiring, and his energy is contagious. Aside from soaking up his medical expertise, I love this podcast because it reminds me of the importance of all the other things in life and motivates me to soak it all in. The topics are wide-ranged, and there’s something for everyone in each episode. I can see why he is already drawing accolades for this.

Thanks Dr. Burgess

I watched your podcast with Keon Howard and It was amazing to see another black man not only being successful but pushing others to be their best self . On another note, you came to my health science class to educate us on our career paths and also shed light on your very own life. You said something that stuck with me and I hope to remember forever,”Fear will paralyze you”, that really spoke to me man , I appreciate your ability to stay real and push others to go for what they want ..BECAUSE WE CAN…this is the bowtie guy by the way lol!

SportsDr.Podcast praise

Dr. Derrick always presents honest, interesting and authentic stories. I know when I go to his show that there will be purpose in the interview and he will be lifting others up in the process. I admire Dr. D’s humility and strong sense of family which shines through at all times. Can’t wait to hear more.

Great inspirations

I love this show! Many people happily share their success stories but not often do you hear of their failures self doubt and fears. Kudos to Dr Burgess for his transparency and willingness to ask the hard questions. Real people real stories. Awesome!


Dr. Burgess King your questions are impeccable questions thank you for not only interviewing me but also others whom have a story but not a platform to speak their thoughts. I encourage you to pursue your podcasting show because more stories are willing to be told it’s definitely therapeutic for the City.

Positive Influence

This podcast is truly a breath of fresh air. Dr. Burgess’ enthusiasm for bringing positive encouragement to our community is uplifting. Thank you for all you do to educate, influence, and promote positivity.

Weekly Dose of Encouragement!

Each week I look forward to hearing Dr Burgess and his guest share encouragement, insight and inspiration on life, career, parenting, and faith. It’s fun to see how everyone - regardless of their current walk in life - shares a common goal of being their best self whether it’s through medicine, sports, finances or raising children. I encourage everyone to click “subscribe” to this podcast!

Good interview

I just now tuning in and listening to the podcast. The interview with Keon Howard is good, and I think every young men and young women should hear what he have to say. Falling forward instead of falling back should be a good example of what college life is and what a person have to go through to achieve there goal! I don’t know him personally, but I am proud of him!

Awesome podcast from an awesome person!

I love listening to Dr. Derrick Burgess talk about real issues, community, self care and so much more. His discussions and guests are inspiring and each episode is filled with wisdom! Highly recommend

Love Timeout with the Sports Doctor podcast!!!

If you haven’t taken time out to listen to Dr. Burgess podcast I highly encourage you to check it out! Every episode helps you to look at life, career, and finances from a different perspective. Thanks for the insight Dr. Burgess and inspiring your listeners to do more!!! Keep up the great work bro! Proud of you!!!