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May 10, 2023

It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

Question for you: How strong is your support system?

When it comes to success, “no man is an island” is almost always true. There are always people in mind that we can think of and say have helped us along the way.

Attaining success is a universal aspiration, yet not everyone will accomplish it. The path to success is frequently depicted as glamorous, culminating in riches, notoriety, and acknowledgment. Nonetheless, the truth is that the journey to success is often riddled with numerous hindrances and failures. It can be an unglamorous, solitary, and strenuous undertaking that can trigger self-doubt and make one question their decisions and capabilities.

Today, I would like to celebrate those I call “partners” who have helped empower me to continue to give my listeners quality podcast episodes. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

At the same time, I would also like to take this opportunity and pay it forward. Realizing how heartwarming it is to know that someone supports you, here’s a list of my previous guests’ services that may benefit you. 


Bill Carter - NIL/mba Masterclass

The NIL/mba is master’s level, intensive education built from my NIL course at the University of Vermont, my NIL Workshops, and Student-Athlete Insights’ research. It’s for anyone committed to learning, adapting, or capitalizing on NIL - including university staff, student-athletes & parents, brands & sports organizations, and others.

Go to https://studentathleteinsights.com/nilmba to learn more. 


Jeffrey Holst - No Bad Days: How to Make Every Day Great

Jeffrey Holst takes readers on a journey from deep despair to an incredible string of good days in No Bad Days.

Grab your copy of No Bad Days: How to Make Every Day Great on Amazon. Now available on both Kindle and paperback versions


Amanda Hill - Guard my practice

Whether it’s starting off in medicine, negotiating a contract, staying out of trouble, avoiding an audit, or dealing with difficult patients, our 6-pack video bundles will teach you how to overcome the obstacles troubling you, and you get CME on top of it all. And you can sign up for the entire course to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Go to https://www.guardmypractice.com/opt-in-compliance-pitfalls for more information. 


Got time for a quick survey?

I take my listener’s feedback as an important part in building my content. As I plan this year’s content, please help me make sure my episodes align with what you need to hear. Please fill out this survey and share your insights and that would help me a lot, it won’t take long, I promise! :)




Rooting for your success!

Dr. Derrick Burgess,


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