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Aug. 29, 2022

Build Your Brand…Live Your Dreams with Sue Izzo

When you achieve your dreams, it's not so much what you get, as it is who you become. Dreams are vital in a man's life since they fuel our passion and purpose of existence. It gives us something to aim for and pushes us to achieve more incredible...

When you achieve your dreams, it's not so much what you get, as it is who you become. Dreams are vital in a man's life since they fuel our passion and purpose of existence. It gives us something to aim for and pushes us to achieve more incredible things. However, the route to triumph is paved with hardships and setbacks that we would rather not encounter, yet we sometimes do.  

This road requires determination which enables any troubled soul to keep going when they feel like quitting. Its authenticity of it preserves your true identity when things get difficult to manage. In addition, the ability to celebrate our small victories encourages our patience and helps us to appreciate our endeavors. Do your best to achieve your dream, and your dream will make you great. 


Sue Izzo is a business growth consultant, keynote speaker, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sports Management Mastermind, which is designed to educate upcoming action sports athletes and their parents on how to build their careers in action sports. And now, she's spending a lot of her time coaching and also giving back to the sport that provided a great lifestyle for her.


In this special episode with Sue Izzo, we'll learn about a passion that led someone to start her own enterprise and the things she had to overcome along the road to success. She will be educating us about life, business, and sports along with the mentality it requires to handle and enjoy a career.


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:13) Introducing our special guest, Sue Izzo

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(00:02:24) An accidental career: What led Sue Izzo to be an agent for active sports?

(00:05:19) The woman who established her own empire: Who is Sue Izzo?

(00:07:06) Unafraid of the word NO: Being persistent with what you're passionate about

(00:07:44) Believing in my athletes: What mindset did you have that enabled you to succeed?

(00:09:34) Be true to who you are: What do you recommend to someone who's trying to build a brand?

(00:12:45) Beyond an athlete's talents: The importance of great personality and good communication skills

(00:14:25) A lesson for parents: Let your kids have the best intentions for a dream and excel

(00:15:50) The worst thing a parent can do: Make their kids one-dimensional.

(00:18:55) Placing more value on winning: There are different ways on the road to success; therefore, be flexible.

(00:19:36) Competing to win or competing not to lose: How do athletes fall under pressure?

(00:21:33) How will you encourage someone who's doing things solo and is pressured to be a female sports agent in a dominant male society?

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(00:26:26) Mentorship about life and entrepreneurship: "I felt responsible that I needed to teach them life lessons and life skills."

(00:31:20) What would you tell your 30-year-old self now about what to do and what not to worry about?

(00:31:55) Being happy at the moment: Give yourself credit and enjoy your moment of accomplishment.

(00:34:06) A recipe for disaster: "I was always trying to make somebody else happy."

(00:32:38) Be surrounded by a solid group of people to trust and to be loved.

(00:39:57) The Sports Management Mastermind: How is your one-on-one coaching doing on the opposite side of the sports agency?

(00:45:06) Final TimeOut with Sue Izzo: What would you advise a young athlete and their parents who are feeling overwhelmed by the career they are to take?

(00:46:36) The importance of parent and child communication: Parents are vessels of support and unconditional love for their children

(00:47:05) Help yourself grow so you can run your own race: Do not try to rush the process.

(00:48:42) Connect with Sue Izzo.


Key Takeaways:

"I learned how to cultivate and nurture relationships through writing down people's birthdays and anniversaries on an index card and sending cards out." – Sue Izzo


"It's when you believe in someone or something so passionately, there's nothing you won't do for them." – Sue Izzo


"I've made a mistake with athletes where we tried to manufacture something like this is who you should be. It would always blow up in your face. So, I think it's really true to who you are because people can call it out or sniff it out a mile away when you're being inauthentic." – Sue Izzo


"Having kids learn to go up to sponsors or coaches and shake their hands, introduce themselves, have the athlete be the one that's calling or sending the email or reaching out. Like, that's very important for young athletes to develop that." – Sue Izzo


"There is a fine balance between gentle pushing and nudging and encouragement. You have to follow your child's lead because, at the end of the day, it's them doing the sport for the next ten years." – Sue Izzo


"Sometimes, we get so locked in this mindset of how the journey needs to be or how it's supposed to be. I think we have to allow for flexibility because there are so many different ways to get to the end of the road. It's not just a straight line." – Sue Izzo


"In consistently repeating, success can all of a sudden change an athlete. You must pay attention to where they go from competing to win, to compete not to lose because the idea of loss in what will happen to them becomes a bigger weight than the desire to win." – Sue Izzo


"I was one of the very few females in the game and the only females that own the agency. So, it was very hard because it was absolutely a boys' club. People were always trying to take me out. I felt like they were going behind my back, talking to my athletes; it's the nature of the beast. It was ten times harder for me as a female. – Sue Izzo


"I would try to find entrepreneurial things that they were into or interested in that we could build other projects from because I felt like I could teach them some business stuff or help them find other revenue streams because you never know as an athlete, how long that career's going to be. There are career-ending injuries that happen all the time." – Sue Izzo


"We had some parents that were excellent, and they were a dream to work with, and they really looked out for their children, but we also had parents that absolutely screwed their kids, and it was awful to watch." – Sue Izzo


"Learning to give me credit for what I had accomplished and being happy at that moment. I shredded myself every single step of the way; I was never good enough. Everyone was better than me. It did not matter how much I built the company. It was impossible for me to give myself any credit because I was always looking at other people and envying everybody else." – Sue Izzo


"Once you achieve the level of agent, physician, professional athlete, you're almost untouchable, and people will glorify you for that one line. They kind of forget about you being a person and that you have struggled and that you have to go through things and overcome things and you have to be perfect every day when you step out of your house, put a smile on your face, shake hands, make the deal and keep moving." – Dr, Derrick Burgess


Connect with Sue Izzo:

Website: https://www.sueizzo.com/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sueizzo/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sueizzo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sueizzo


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Sue IzzoProfile Photo

Sue Izzo


·Former female Jerry McGuire and Sports Management Agency owner for 17 years, sold company to Octagon in 2016
·Represented Olympic athletes, X Games Gold Medalists, World Champion surfers, ESPY winners, and television personalities
·Creator and executive producer of entertainment properties for ESPN, ABC, Apple tv, NBC
·Built multiple businesses including a headphone company, music festival, and non-profit
·Terrible at spatial relation, do not ask me to pack the back of a car with luggage or stack Tupperware
·Cancer survivor, suicide survivor, mental health advocate, growth mindset pusher, and horse and donkey rescue advocate
·Currently, a business growth coach and consultant focused on marketing, brand positioning, and processes to increase productivity and allow for freedom in your business - www.sueizzo.com
·Loves working with underdogs, executives, and business owners who need a kick in the butt and a hug to get to the next level in their business and life because success and happiness should grow in conjunction with one another
·Keynote speaker who isn’t afraid to dance on stage while talking about marketing, brand building, mindset, and how to persevere through life’s biggest challenges
·Founder of the Sports Management Mastermind for young athletes and parents to learn how to build their careers in competitive sports; for action sports and Olympic-focused athletes. www.sportsmanagementmastermind.com
·Things that make me happy: Making people smile, volunteering at my local horse rescue, riding horses, kissing dogs, feeding my friends my Italian food, strong coffee with honey, writing and falling asleep to period piece tv shows
where the actors have an English accent

Sue Izzo was born to help people achieve their dreams. In 1999 Sue founded Mosaic Sports Management, a boutique sports management agency (think female Jerry McGuire) with a focus on representing professional action sports athletes. From procuring and negotiating multi-million dollar endorsement
deals, developing and producing global entertainment and event properties for
ESPN, ABC, and NBC, to building globally recognized athlete brands Sue was a
trailblazer in her industry.
Representing Winter Olympians, ESPY winners, X Games Gold Medalists, World Champion Surfers, and Television Hosts, Sue made a name for herself as not only a top sports agent but the only female to own a sports management agency and dominate in a male-driven cut-throat profession. During her tenure, Sue created multiple businesses with her clients, including a headphone company, non-profits, product lines, and entertainment projects. In 2015, Sue sold her business to Octagon, a global sports management company.
After a battle with breast cancer in 2016, Sue shifted gears and joined Basic Bananas, a small business marketing education company based out of Australia, establishing and heading up their United States business. Sue spent two years educating small to mid-size business owners on how to stand out amongst their competition, build a powerful brand, create and implement effective marketing strategies, and develop systems in order to automate and scale their businesses so they could have more freedom to do what they enjoyed while their businesses produced revenue.
Because of her in-depth experience and expertise in business and as a successful entrepreneur, not to mention her awe-inspiring personal story Sue is an audience favorite as a speaker. Sue is a captivating storyteller who seamlessly weaves her business knowledge with personal stories while infusing laughter to inspire and educate her audiences.
Today Sue helps entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners get unstuck in business (and life) by combining business consulting and coaching. It is her mission to teach people in business the tools needed to identify their roadblocks in business, create solutions to move through them, and develop a kick-ass unstoppable growth mindset through her masterminds, coaching, supper clubs, and speaking engagements.
Websites: www.sueizzo.com www.sportsmanagementmastermind.com