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Aug. 15, 2022

Entrepreneurship and Overcoming the Fear of Imperfections with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, MD

In the United States, a doctor commits suicide each day, equating to 300 to 400 physician suicides yearly. This egregious number is more than twice that of the average population. Having adequate knowledge of the said issue can help us see things in a...

In the United States, a doctor commits suicide each day, equating to 300 to 400 physician suicides yearly. This egregious number is more than twice that of the average population. Having adequate knowledge of the said issue can help us see things in a bigger picture and search for how we can prevent it from growing. 

Interestingly, entrepreneurship is an outlet for doctors to regain control of their lives. Physicians need a system of sustainable habits that can keep them motivated, focused, and thriving. And as an entrepreneur, you must surround yourself with the right people who will help you see your potential and be a better version of yourself. You will need different people with different expertise to be your lifeline. Because like Dr. Ramirez said, "at the end of the day, physicians like being physicians." 


Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez is an anesthesiologist and pain specialist by trade but now doing some inspiring things in the field of medicine. She's a podcaster and an entrepreneur. And she also deals with the mastermind of how to help other high achievers and physicians find freedom and quality in their life. 


In this special episode with Dr.Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, we'll learn about how entrepreneurship can help physicians and high achievers who struggle to get out of their comfort zones. She will be educating us about the advantages entrepreneurs can bring and the life tips that can help us guide as we take a step toward our goals.


 "Entrepreneurship will help you come and practice and see your patients for joy, not for need, because you have an outlet. You have a created outlet. You have the facility of having some passive income or another source of income that tells you, and you know what? I don't have to be here. I can do it because I'm happy." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:12) Introducing our special guest, Dr. Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez

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(00:01:39) A physician and an entrepreneur: Who is Dr. Myrdalis Diaz?

(00:02:57) Be with like-minded people: Like-minded people will raise and promote each other.

(00:03:31) A first-generation physician: How did Dr. Diaz choose the field of medicine?

(00:04:53) Opportunities to learn: How does growing up with an entrepreneur father shape your mindset?

(00:06:17) The lack of Financial Education: The missing piece that Dr. Diaz didn't have growing up.

(00:09:59) Pain and Mental health: How can an interventional pain physician help people with pain and depression?

(00:12:29) The life with entrepreneurship: Helping other physicians have the right mindset

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(00:17:20) How do you take someone with a vision or an idea and help them formulate it and bring it to success or completion?

(00:21:03) Fear mindset: What is the major obstacle you see in high achievers trying to start something?

(00:22:49) Start educating yourself: You can start things without them being perfect.

(00:24:01) Starting each day by taking care of yourself: What habits do you practice to feel like you reach your optimal performance?

(00:27:48) Final TimeOut with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz: What advice would you give to an entrepreneur who fears getting out of his comfort zone?

(00:29:49) Own what you do: Don't let your life be handled by somebody else.

(00:30:38) The freedom to be creative and in control: What are the advantages of being an entrepreneur?

(00:32:48) Connect with Dr. Myrdalis Diaz


Key Takeaways: 

"You have to surround yourself with like-minded people. They're going to be raising each other, growing together. There will be people you know who are really in your heart. They might not be the people going to grow your business with you, but they will necessarily have the same growth mindset where you can excel. And this group is one of those, and we're very fortunate to be part of them." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"Despite having a background in entrepreneurship, we didn't have the financial education. There was this spirit doing things, but there wasn't necessarily planning. You can have the business aspect, but if you don't have the financial aspect, the planning aspect, or a different type of mindset, then you can still get in trouble." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"The focus will be prevention and optimization, finding out, defining your state. Let's define your health state and give you the book of life. Here's for your body is for words we could be. And then here's the transition, how we can help you to get there so that you're not only fitting good inside but also looking good outside." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but 300 to 400 physicians commit suicide every year. That's three to four medical tasks. That's really like a crisis. And we don't talk much about that." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"Entrepreneurship will help you come and practice and see your patients for joy, not for need, because you have an outlet. You have a created outlet. You have the facility of having some passive income or another source of income that tells you; you know what? I don't have to be here. I can do it because I'm happy." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"We're able to define from your vision whatever you think your life in terms of your personal or business life; we'll be all the way to have a blueprint of what your next steps are going to be. This is for somebody who feels completely lost, overwhelmed, or even burned out because we've had a lot of those who have no idea what you're going to do." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz 


"Talking about money is a problem for physicians. We don't have the background, so we fear what will happen. We're trained to expect a certain level of excellence. So, until things are perfect, you're not going to let them go because we have people's lives in our hands. If something goes wrong with what we do, somebody can die. There's a big loss if something happens." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz. 


"You have to do many things, but you can start without them being perfect. We don't want to lose money. We don't want to lose time, but if you don't start to educate yourself, you're losing time. If you don't start to read about these things and share time with people who know you're already losing your time." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz 


"Choose somebody you think you would like to look like them, and then you say, okay, what are they doing? And every time you go to that menu at the restaurant, every you do something, it says, what would that person do?" - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz 


"I decided intentionally to surround myself with people who know different things which have differences that I don't have because even though I can do a lot of things they are there available where I can reach for them and I have like that lifeline." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz 


"One of the things that we have to do is own what we do. So, I cannot blame the company. I cannot blame the hospital. I cannot blame anybody else for how unhappy I am here because I chose to be there. We have choices." - Dr. Myrdalis Diaz.


 "I don't complain about things unless I'm willing to change them. Especially we love to complain, and we want somebody else to take care of those complaints or improve them. And definitely as an entrepreneur, that's not going to happen because the buck stops with you." - Dr. Derrick Burgess.

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Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, MDProfile Photo

Myrdalis Diaz-Ramirez, MD


Dr. Myrdalis Díaz-Ramírez is a dual Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Physician, Medical Expert, Professor, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, and Mastermind Facilitator.
In her maxAllure Mastermind, she helps physicians who feel overwhelmed regain and retain control of their lives through entrepreneurship. She is a born and self-made entrepreneur. She has owned different clinics which she successfully sold in the past. Has also owned other businesses, including an entertainment company. Her passion is to help other physicians who, as she experienced in the past, might feel lost in medicine and burnout.
Through her Mastermind, physicians can transform their personal and professional lives. They have been able to define, plan, and execute a designed physician life just for them and are now in control once more.
Dr. Díaz-Ramírez graduated with honors from the University of Puerto Rico. Later, was Chief Resident at Oregon Health and Science University and completed her Fellowship in Pain Medicine from the same institution where she was also a professor. Her most recent teaching position continues for Florida State University, College of Medicine at the Sarasota Campus.
Dr. Diaz-Ramirez has been chosen by her peers as a Top Doctor in her field for more than ten years in a row. This is a record in her specialty and has placed her in the Top 1% of Women Physicians as per the recognized entity Castle Connolly.
Most recently, and thanks to over 20 years of experience as an Interventional Pain Physician with a holistic approach, Dr. Diaz-Ramirez has identified a need to provide better health care. She is now partnering with a brilliant team guided by her passion for diagnosing and offering her patients the best care possible while combining the best of preventive and conventional therapies in her new wellness center in Sarasota, FL