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Danielle Berman

Danielle Berman is an athlete, entrepreneur, and consultant who works daily to build relationships and share stories. She loves the opportunity to connect people, bring people together and solve problems. Danielle serves as an event management consultant, where she helps people share their expertise, value, and perspectives to reach people both at online events and in-person experiences. Danielle has nearly a decade of experience supporting athletes in their lives outside of sports. She specializes in creating impactful partnerships between athletes and nonprofits, event management, and cause marketing campaigns. She founded Tackle What's Next to change the narrative for athletes around life after sports. It is the leading resource for athlete career transition. Through storytelling, the power of conversation, and sharing perspectives, she aims to open doors, build connections and motivate athletes to leverage their athletic experience into opportunities for what's next.

Dec. 19, 2022

The Power of Collaboration and Community with Danielle Berman

Everybody has a story to share. And there's something to be learned from every experience we encounter in life. Our journey defines who we are, and our decisions establish who we become. However, we are all prone to failure and …

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