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Jason Shen

executive coach and 3x startup founder

I’m an executive coach, product manager, and 3x startup founder based in Brooklyn. I help people navigate disruptive change so they can bring new things into the world with greater clarity, vitality, and purpose.

Born in Suzhou China, immigrated at age 3, grew up in New England, 10+ years of national competitive gymnastics training - US Jr national team in 2003, cocaptain of Stanford's 2009 NCAA championship team. TED talk in 2017 on future of hiring. Write for Fast Co, TechCrunch, Vox. Advocate for Asian American men. 2x Guinness world record setter (aztec pushups + burpee pullups)

Nov. 7, 2022

Take the Leap with Jason Shen

Are you the kind of person who fears failure? How do we acquire the determination to take risks to succeed?   When you take risks…

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