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Kenny "Jo-Jo" Smith

Author/Speaker/CEO I-AM Possible Enterprise

At the conclusion of playing professional basketball Kenny “Jo-Jo” Smith became a vocal community activist creating change by using his voice and his actions. Coach Jo-Jo currently operates I-AM Possible Enterprise where he highlights the importance of education. He connects to people through speaking, professional development and children’s literature after publishing 2 children’s books. Mr. Smith taught students considered “Emotionally Disturbed” in Akron, OH for 12 years and has now moved on to spreading the mantra “I-AM Possible” to every person in the world. Coach Jo-Jo also founded Ladies First Akron Inc. a 501c3 organization in 2010 that helps young ladies grow their self-esteem using education and athletics.

Kenny is a graduate of Miles College, a prestigious HBCU in Birmingham, AL where he played basketball The University of Akron where he became a licensed teacher and is married with 2 beautiful daughters.

Aug. 22, 2022

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When you want good things to happen, you must endeavor for them at any cost. Many people are afraid to attempt a goal when it presents them with choices where they have to let go of what is currently in …

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