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Mina Ratkalkar

Licensed Psychologist & Founder

Dr. Mina Ratkalkar is a licensed psychologist, LCSW, and founder of New Spark Therapy, a mental health practice specializing in working with diverse adults and relationships. Dr. Ratkalkar is a certified sex therapist who is passionate about helping people find connection and happiness however they choose. She enjoys educating and presenting for a wide variety of audiences on consent and communication about sex. Her other specialty is forensic psychology where she serves as an expert witness focusing on trauma, sexuality, and evaluation for courts.

Aug. 1, 2022

The Growth that Takes Shape from Self-Awareness with Dr. Mina Ratkalk…

Have you ever visualized yourself in a counseling setting? How does the idea of getting therapy make you feel? We live in a world where asking for help is a bit challenging. In some cases, the thought of seeking therapy …

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