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Victor D. Kidd, PhD LMSW Profile Photo

Victor D. Kidd, PhD LMSW

CEO & Psychotherapist

Dr. Victor D. Kidd is a Mental Health and Wellness/Diversity, Equity, and
Inclusion Consultant, Organizational Culture Expert, and Psychotherapist,
who utilizes his clinical training to impact systems in sport and entertainment
organizations. Dr. Kidd is the Founder/CEO of Kidd Wellness Solutions &
Consulting, LLC, a virtual therapy and consulting company that provides services
to address mental health, trauma responsive approaches to health care,
organizational development and leadership, diversity and inclusion, and
retirement issues in sport. Dr. Kidd is also the creator of an innovative training
and workshop program, How We Heal: Unpacking Racial Trauma and Healing™
in which Dr. Kidd provides unique and specific interventions regarding how
racial and cultural challenges impact the personal and professional lives of Black
identifying employees of sport and entertainment organizations. Dr. Kidd utilizes
the program in partnership with the organization's Affinity/Employee Resource
Group tasks with supporting the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for Black
identifying employees. Spanning 10 years, as a clinician and consultant, Dr. Kidd
has supported various populations in operating more efficiently and leading to
more fulfilled lives. Dr. Kidd’s clients include the National Basketball
Association, Warner Music Group, BSE Global, Brooklyn Nets, New York
Liberty, various member institutions of the NCAA, and Detroit Public School
Outside of his imprint, Dr. Kidd serves as the Assistant Director of the College
of Sport Research Institute (CSRI) at the University of South Carolina, where
Dr. Kidd is leading newly established diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. In
addition to his work with CSRI, Dr. Kidd serves the Alliance of Social Workers
in Sports (ASWIS) executive board as Member-At-Large, where he assists with
social workers in sport spaces.
Dr. Kidd completed his PhD in Sport and Entertainment Management from
the University of South Carolina, where he became the first Black graduate in
program history. Dr. Kidd’s research focused on organizational leadership and
capacity building in sport and entertainment organizations, sport retirement
experiences of former athletes, and athletic identity among Black athletes. Prior
to his doctoral studies, Dr. Kidd earned a Master of Clinical Social Work degree
from Howard University and Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Virginia State
University (Division II Football Player) where he developed his initial affinity for
helping others in the quest for a more fulfilling life.

Sept. 26, 2022

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