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Sept. 19, 2022

How to Achieve Generational Health through Mentorship, Academic, and Emotional Growth with Dorrell Jalloh

It has been said that the primary goal of education is to develop a well-rounded person. It offers many the capability of handling a wide range of responsibilities.  Likewise, one can obtain a certification that opens the door to a profession....

It has been said that the primary goal of education is to develop a well-rounded person. It offers many the capability of handling a wide range of responsibilities.  Likewise, one can obtain a certification that opens the door to a profession. Education has played a significant role for a plethora of individuals in society. It has continually been our weapon against scarcity. It gives one the chance to hone their abilities and enhance them. 

Never diminish the fact that the pursuit of education can present a major obstacle for the student-athlete.  The demands of practice and performance in the pursuit of athletics can lead to a lack of concentration on their studies. Thus, we must recognize the existing challenge on their part and be motivated to stretch our helping hand toward them. Every athlete needs to understand that there is life outside sports and that they must prepare themselves to cope. We must help our young athletes be well-rounded individuals capable of adapting to different facets of life. Just like what our guest speaker agreed on, "at the end of the day, it is not all about physical talent." 


Dorrell Jalloh is a husband, father, mentor, motivational speaker, and a former team captain at West Virginia University on a football team. He is currently the CEO and founder of Jalloh. Dorrell Jalloh has spent nearly two decades training top athletes in the SE region to perform at their highest potential mentally and physically. Through his work with the RTP Rotary Club, he proudly supports local communities and charitable initiatives impacting the lives of various underrepresented groups. Dorrell promotes generational health, encouraging people to prioritize their bodies, minds, and souls to achieve optimal wellness.


In this special episode with Dorrell Jalloh, we'll learn about a phenomenal man who is helping the next generation of athletes to become young men and women of value. He seeks to make them aware that there is life outside sports and to prepare them for the world. The key to Dorrell's business success is his unwavering commitment to faith. His relationship with the Lord keeps him rooted on the path of his greater calling, inspiring others to live lives enriched with value.


"Learning to be a professional with your money management, time management, and studying your playbooks. Being a good teammate because there are grown men on the team who have kids and families is their livelihood, so they take it very seriously. Some people are taking it very seriously, so I have to understand the dynamics of where I was at that time." - Dorrell Jalloh


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:11) Introducing our special guest, Mr. Dorrell Jalloh

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(00:02:40) How does football play a significant role in the life of Mr. Dorrell Jalloh?

(00:03:43) A mother's way of protection: Why did he end up studying in Greensboro, North Carolina?

(00:06:40) Blessed with a talent that runs in the blood: When did you become a good athlete?

(00:07:23) You better do your best: All you have to do is to study

(00:09:11) Whatever motivates you to learn, take full advantage of it.

(00:10:05) The transition from college to professional sports: Learning to be a professional

(00:12:01) How did the traits that you learned as a football player prepare you for the game of life?

(00:13:16) Understanding your body: Taking your health seriously.

(00:13:55) Be able to adapt: It's not all about physical talent in the end

(00:14:36) Generational health: How are you taking care of your inner self?

(00:15:44) The inspiration behind Jalloh Training Academy: What is the main focus of this program?

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(00:17:41) It takes a village: Are you working with the athletes alone, or do you have a team working with them?

(00:20:07) Every individual is entirely different from each other.

(00:20:48) The ball will eventually cease to dribble: Be a well-rounded athlete.

(00:22:25) Helping athletes find out what they want to be in life.

(00:23:55) How do you advise a college athlete to be able to maximize their experience as a college athlete?

(00:24:16) The value of networking: Networking is an athlete's network.

(00:26:00) Concentrate on your sport, but don't disregard your education.

(00:28:34) Final TimeOut with Dorrell Jalloh: What secret sauce to maximizing your potential as an athlete, mentor, or entrepreneur?

(00:29:11) Put God first in your life: "God is the center of my life."

(00:30:05) A simple way to help somebody: Let them know that you care for them.


Key Takeaways:

"For most people, playing sports is their way out. If you're not inclined academically, or you don't have the financial means, this is like your one ticket to get out."- Dorrell Jalloh


"I was studying before they came to study. Then we would study together as a group, and I would study again. And then, before the test, I would study and get an A on the test. All you have to do is study." - Dorrell Jalloh


"Just study before the exam, instead of just showing up thinking you were gonna know it." - Dorrell Jalloh


"Understanding your body, what to eat and what not to eat. I had the opportunity to learn more about that by first seeing it through one of the athletes. And that's when I start to say, okay, I need to start taking this a little bit more serious about my body, my health internally, not necessarily about physically." - Dorrell Jalloh


"Everybody wants to be successful, so if you are gonna do it, this is the harder way, but it's worth it in the end because you're gonna reach your goals as you go up and progress." - Dorrell Jalloh 


"Somebody might have the goal of being a doctor, a teacher, or a professional athlete, but whatever it is, it's achievable for each person if you have the skills and if you have access to it." - Dr. Derrick Burgess


"Each individual is completely different, but it's a great way to learn from each one since they have a particular prototype of what they want to do in their lives." - Dorrell Jalloh


"One day, the ball's going to stop dribbling. At some point, you might be 30, or 35; you might be 18 or 19, or you might get injured as a high school player and never be able to play again, so you always got to be well-rounded as an athlete" - Dr. Derrick Burgess


"You have to maximize your moment as an athlete because it can be gone just like a blink of an eye. If you get injured and are not able to return, people think that you have a four-year scholarship, but you have an opportunity of getting a one-year opportunity to play because if you're not cutting, somebody else might come in when you get injured." - Dr. Derrick Burgess


"I pick God first, and that's the center of my life. And since I'm putting God first with school and sports, everything else will take care of itself." - Dorrell Jalloh


"I believe in God, and that's what keeps me grounded and able to help and expand my network to others and help student-athletes with their generational health and provide their nutrition, health, and mindset." - Dorrell Jalloh


Connect with Dorrell Jalloh:

Website: www.jallohtrainingacademy.com

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Email: dorrellsjalloh@gmail.com 

Instagram: Coach D (@jallohtrainingacademy)

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