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April 3, 2023

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The popularity of podcasting has grown over the past few years. With millions of people listening to their favorite podcasts each day, it's no wonder that so many individuals are interested in starting their own shows. Unfortunately, creating a...

The popularity of podcasting has grown over the past few years. With millions of people listening to their favorite podcasts each day, it's no wonder that so many individuals are interested in starting their own shows. Unfortunately, creating a podcast takes a lot of devotion, time, and work.   Many people give up on their podcasting dreams before seeing any remarkable results. Therefore, we must recognize that working hard for a day or a week is not enough. It requires tenacity and perseverance to forgo any thoughts of giving up.  True success requires a long-term commitment to consistent effort and hard work.


Furthermore, to achieve the level of success we aspire to, we must embody the three Cs of success—Community, Collaboration, and Consistency. Community is said to be the foundation of any successful collaboration. Collaboration is the key to achieving success in any team effort. But consistency is the final component that ties everything together. Thus, the results can be powerful when community, collaboration, and consistency work together. Remember that those with the drive and consistency required to succeed in life can achieve remarkable results and positively impact the world.


In this special episode, we'll recollect the Top 10 episodes that have motivated us to thrive in life, sports, and medicine. Furthermore, it is to commemorate the 100th podcast episode that helped generate, motivate, educate, and inspire us through the numerous success stories of people in various professions and industries. In conclusion, we pursue a common goal of strengthening mindset, helping people grow their assets, and confidently achieving success in diverse spheres of life.


"There have been so many times that I could have easily stepped away from this podcast, but my drive and consistency help me produce results." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:01:13) Gratefulness to the Podcast Community

(00:02:36) The acquired blessings through TimeOut with the SportsDr. Podcast

(00:04:30) Community: Meeting inspiring individuals

(00:06:16) Collaboration: The Most diverse Podcast

(00:07:15) Consistency: A critical element of success

(00:09:21) Dr. Deborrah Hyde: The Ability to Walk with Kings but Never Lose The Common Touch 

(00:11:43) The Role of Parents in Youth Sports with Troy Horne: Author of Mental Toughness for Young Athletes

(00:14:38) Maximize the Moment with Anthony Alford

(00:17:12) Perfecting the Game in Your Mind: Mental Fitness with Troymain Crosby

(00:18:33) Blazing Your Own Trail with Dr. MaCalus Hogan

(00:21:03) Leaving places better than you found them.

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(00:22:15) Reflections: From the Plantation to Present day with Rev. Charlie Burgess Sr.

(00:25:06) Shift Your Mindset and Change Your Life with Esmeralda Figueroa

(00:26:30) Compete with yourself and not with others.

(00:26:45) Secrets to Success of Luxury Real Estate Investing with Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh

(00:29:20) From ER Doctor to Apartment Investor with Dr. Ronnie Shalev

(00:30:36) Becoming a Surgeon with Donavon Dahmer

(00:32:10) Never serve as both the judge and defendant simultaneously.

(00:33:40) Have courage and fight past your fear.


Key Takeaways:  


"Many of my guests have been people I had no clue even existed, but that's the power of collaboration. It has provided the opportunity to discuss and share with speakers who are authors, entrepreneurs, in many different forms, entertainers, athletes and physicians of all sorts." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"There have been so many times that I could have easily stepped away from this podcast, but the drive and the consistency is what's helping me produce results." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"I'm not here for the money, I'm not here for the fame, but we have a message that we're trying to help spread in our community." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"You can do way more than you think you can do if you keep your mind to it." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"I have never taken for granted how richly favored I have been. And to me, I represent kindness, caring and wanting to treat other people the way I want to be treated, and keeping God at the center of my life." – Dr. Deborrah Hyde


"Comfort is the enemy of progress. And so, I would say always be finding a way to motivate the youth and inspire them to leave the comfort zone." – Troy Horne


"You need to learn the habit of commitment and consistency. And to do a little every day, it doesn't have to be big, and I'll be all, but it needs to be a little." – Troy Horne


"Don't make yourself an island. The world is big, but sometimes it can be lonely, so do whatever

you can and try not to be an island because you need a support network and be enriched so that people can pull you back. – Dr. MaCalus Hogan


"Even amid challenge, you have to be willing to promote yourself. Because your worth is driven by the value that you bring to others around you." – Dr. MaCalus Hogan


"Leave places better than you found them that it becomes tough for the environment not to support you. And it also becomes even harder for people around you who want to hurt you to be able to do so. – Dr. MaCalus Hogan


"You have to keep going and remember there are other people out there that are having it worse than you, although you may think you're having it worse." – Esmeralda Figueroa


"Figure out what your calling is and then don't listen to the voices that aren't willing to invest in you." – Donavon Dahmer


"Never be the person who's on trial and the judge simultaneously. Because all you can do is what you can do, so control what you can control and leave the rest to God." – Donavon Dahmer


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Donavon DahmerProfile Photo

Donavon Dahmer

Donavon Dahmer is a brilliant and empowered man who grew up in a small town in Mississippi and studied at the Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama. Donavon is a graduating senior who received a 2019 Phi Kappa Phi National Fellowship for graduate study, making him the fifth USA student to receive a national PKP honor in recent years. He is the descendant of Vernon Dahmer, a Civil Rights activist who gave his life to provide equality and the right to vote for Mississippians. He was also selected by the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences for the 2023 class of resident ophthalmologists.

Esmeralda FigueroaProfile Photo

Esmeralda Figueroa

Esmeralda Figueroa is a 22-year-old soccer player from Laurel Mississippi- United States. She is a Division I college athlete but also plays on the professional level in women's soccer.

Dr. Rachel GainsbrughProfile Photo

Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh


Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh is a full-time mother, wife of eighteen years, pharmacist, CEO, and founder of Short-Term Gems. She has established herself in the market as a Luxury Short Term Rental host and coach for busy professionals. Born in Haiti—the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere- and raised in Miami's inner city. Dr. Gainsbrugh was driven to make a difference and not take her parents' sacrifices for granted. She is an immigrant who took a small rental and built it into a multi-property seven-figure real estate business. She has been hosting since 2019 and serves guests in vacation rental markets and those who need short-term housing rentals for business. Today, Dr. Rachel is a healthcare professional by day, a short-term rental investor by night, and a mom 24/7.

Dr. Ronnie ShalevProfile Photo

Dr. Ronnie Shalev


Dr. Shalev is a double board-certified Physician Executive with a background in corporate, clinical (16 years in emergency medicine), and research environments. With expertise in Quality, Healthcare Technology, Utilization Review, Case Management, and Medical Affairs. She promotes a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. She has excellent training, analysis, and communication skills and is a proactive, solutions-oriented leader. Based on her diverse therapeutic expertise, I’m able to effectively partner with a wide array of thought leaders and healthcare professionals.

She honed her business savvy by providing medical/clinical input to guide product design and business development strategies. I’ve productively collaborated with sales, marketing, and product development teams to drive client engagement and revenue growth. She has authored and published over 50 promotional documents to educate employers, consumers, and healthcare providers. I’m accustomed to evaluating complex situations in dynamic environments with limited data.

•. Medical Affairs
• Quality Review
•. Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
• Evidence-Based Medicine
• Value-Based Healthcare
• Standard Of Care
• HIPAA Compliance
• Credentialing
• Adverse Event Reporting
• Promotional Materials Review
• Product Development
• Product Life Cycle Evolution
• Disease Management

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