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July 18, 2022

Learning to Finish Strong with Harkera Hardy: Not Your Average Success Story

How can you possibly achieve your dreams despite having to face difficulties along the road to success? Can you keep going even though nobody is supporting you? We have our own definitions of the word SUCCESS. Other people may define it differently...

How can you possibly achieve your dreams despite having to face difficulties along the road to success? Can you keep going even though nobody is supporting you?

We have our own definitions of the word SUCCESS. Other people may define it differently than the way we looked at it. But there is something in how we view success that makes us grow. Since we are repeatedly bombarded with images of success in the media, I genuinely believe that glamorized success actually causes more confusion. We must be reminded that to simply wake up today after what we dealt with yesterday is an achievement in itself. We must allow ourselves to recognize little tasks done as simple battles won. 

Harkera Hardy is a young motivational speaker, author, CEO, and producer of Not Your Average Success Story. He is from Laurel, Mississippi - United States. He was brought up in an environment where there weren't many opportunities or positive role models. Despite adversity his story is now inspiring people to make a difference in the world. 

In this special episode with Harkera Hardy, we'll discover how to maintain a positive outlook even when it seems like nobody is rooting for us. He shows us a different way of looking at success. 

"I knew that it wasn't gonna be an overnight thing. I knew that I needed to get out there early and establish my foundation of who I am and what I represent." –Harkera Hardy


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00)  Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:11)  Introducing our guest, Harkera Hardy

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(00:01:16)  The Cool Guy: Who is Harkera Hardy?

(00:04:02)  When did Harkera first hear of the strange Midland University?

(00:12:40) The Shell-shock experience: How does Hakera adjust to a foreign place?

(00:16:51)  A Mental Decision: Be better than you were yesterday

(00:18:07)  The Simple Trick: Just keep going

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(00:21:03)  Harkera’s Journey: Not your average success story

(00:24:47)  A Good Perspective of Success: It doesn't matter where you come from, you can still be successful.

(00:30:47)  Introduction to entrepreneurship: You're going to spend a lot more money before you receive anything. 

 (00:36:54)  Connect with Harkera Hardy

(00:40:39)  Final TimeOut with Harkera Hardy: Why should you keep pursuing your dream despite not getting the support that you need at the moment?


Key Takeaways:

“Down in Laurel on the track team, my coaches would always just yell, finish, finish, finish, and I'm just thinking, okay, I just gotta finish the race. As long as I cross the finish line, I finished. But when I got to college, I started to understand what my coach meant when he would yell, and finish, and it wasn't just finishing the race. It was like, just keep, keep going.. ”– Harkera Hardy

 “There are fatigue moments in life and the normal individual will listen to their body and shut it down because that's comfortable. And there's nothing wrong with that. But since I understood what it took to get to that next level in track, and I've translated it to what I do work-related like if I need something done, It's going to get done.”–  Harkera Hardy

“When you get to that peak, it's only a moment, but the peak of one mountain is only the bottom of the next.”–Harkera Hardy

“I just turned it up another notch because, at the end of the day, it's all mental. I just had to start doing the things that I needed to do to get to that next level. I could care less. It wasn't about if my teammate was beating me, it was about did I get 1% better today?  Did I  get 2% better the next day? And gradually, I literally climbed a long ladder, and before it was all said and done people were respecting me.”–Harkera Hardy

“Everybody in this world is uniquely different and they've dealt with something that's specific to them that makes them who they are.”– Harkera Hardy

“So my definition of success and your definition of success is different, but everybody has the ability to achieve that level of success that they want.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


Connect with Harkera Hardy:

Website: https://notyouraveragesuccessstory.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harkera.hardy 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbymZDoXjgD-Uhh2HhRZODg 

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Harkera Hardy

Author, CEO, Motivational Speaker, Believer, Basketball Official, “Speaking certain things into existence”

Laurel High School graduate class of 2011 Midland University graduate with BA in Human Services Class of 2015
Multi sports athlete through college
Currently pursing a career in becoming better than I was the day before. I create documentaries, enjoy self help books, I work out, I’m a photographer and overall a open minded person.