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A great podcaster & an even better mentor

Over the past several months, Dr. Burg has been taking time out of his busy schedule to bring high quality episodes for the public. Each episode provides amazing insight on either success, finances, life, etc. Dr. Burg is not only a great person on camera, but also behind. He is an amazing mentor & physician. I strongly recommend taking time to listen to this podcast and soak up all the wisdom he selflessly provides.

Real, Informative, and Educational

Every since I’ve come across this podcast, I have gain a great deal of knowledge in the the healthcare and sports industry. I mostly enjoy the guests that has appeared on the show and the magnitude of information that they provide. This podcast speaks of the real deal, what’s not seen in the glam light.

Real Talk with real people leaving unreal lives

Love this show, it’s the real world of failures and success. We don’t get to see the athletes and doctors road to success here you will get the real talk

Timeout with the Sports Doctor

I absolutely enjoyed the session called: Creating A Better Version of Yourself because it hit on point with everything in life. Dr. Derrick Burgess is a great inspiration for anyone and I highly recommend listening to his podcast and you will not regret it. I appreciate his insight and knowledge on navigating through life with family and friends. Hands down I give this podcast five stars without hesitation

Great inspirations

I love this show! It’s insightful, educational and entertaining. Kudos to Dr Burgess! Keep ministering to the masses and following the Spirit. AWESOME!!

Great Listen…

I stumbled upon this podcast based on a recommendation…and I could not be more pleased. Time Out with The SportsDr, has been an insightful and thoughtful look into people and their personal story/journey. I have enjoyed the wide range of topics and the information that is being provided. Continue with the good work and I am looking forward to future episodes.

Love this show!

Tons of insight in every episode to up-level my game. Thanks doc!


I love listening to the different podcasts posted. Each one is not only authentic, but also motivating and inspiring. Keep them coming!

An inspiration!

Thanks to Dr. Lewis for sharing his amazing story of triumph over adversity. Kudos to you, Dr. Burgess, for creating this platform to educate and inspire the masses!

Amazing podcast much needed

This is an amazing podcast. Much neeed and looking forward to hearing what you bring to the podcast game

Love this podcast

This is a quickly becoming my favorite podcast! I love the energy of the host and guest. There is meaningful content on every episode.

Real life stories about winners, for winners.

Amazing few episodes, covering such a wide range of topics. Couldn’t ask for 2 more unique guests blessing us with the keys to life. The good doctors grandfather is a living legend; that interview is a shared time capsule that should be shared with anyone interested in the TRUE history of liberty & justice in the south. Keep it up!

Amazing podcast

Praise the Lord Absolutely great what a blessing