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March 13, 2023

The Recipe for Success with Roderick Hollins

Are you willing to be cocooned in the adversity process to emerge stronger and beautifully ready to glide into success? How must we strive to embrace our struggles and keep on fighting?   Life is a journey of ups and downs, successes and...

Are you willing to be cocooned in the adversity process to emerge stronger and beautifully ready to glide into success? How must we strive to embrace our struggles and keep on fighting?


Life is a journey of ups and downs, successes and failures, and joy and pain. At times, we struggle with various challenges that threaten to weigh us down. When we encounter challenges, our natural response may be to give up and retreat. However, it is important to remember that struggle is an essential part of life.  How we respond to it determines our success or failure. We should not let struggle strangle us; instead, allow it to strengthen us. It is important to remember that every battle has a purpose. It can help us grow and become stronger. Challenges can teach us important life lessons that we would not have learned otherwise. 


Through struggle, we develop the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve our goals. We may struggle with failures and setbacks, but through these struggles, we develop humility, resilience, discipline, and love for what we do. Therefore, we must keep moving forward, wait for our God-given opportunities, and prepare ourselves to be entrusted with them. Remember that those passionate about their dreams will pursue them regardless of the adversities and obstacles they face. Their passion will keep them focused and on track. Hence, we must also recognize that we can learn essential life lessons and develop character and resilience through positively coping with our daily battles. Thus, we should embrace struggle as an opportunity for growth and development.  Then persevere and never give up in the face of adversity.


Chef Roderick Hollins is a passionate chef, culinary instructor, trainer, and food fanatic chef who works at one of the largest private companies in America, US Foods. Chef Rod grew up in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and was raised in a single-parent home. He graduated from Jones College in South Mississippi with an Associate of Arts in Food Production Management. Today, Chef Rod is traveling the United States and doing food shows. He goes into restaurants and develops new products for menus. Chef Rod also does kitchen visits regarding the company's latest products that they would release.


In this special episode with Chef Roderick Hollins, we'll learn about the fantastic journey of a man who encountered the highs and lows in life and chased his passion despite the bitter taste of his circumstances. Be captivated by his story and how God shifted his hopeless life into a blessed and more fulfilling one.


"Don't let struggle strangle you; let it strengthen. It would be best if you embraced your struggles." – Chef Roderick Hollins


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:42) Introducing our special guest, Chef Roderick Hollins.

(00:01:33) How Chef Roderick gets into the game of cooking

(00:02:17) Let struggle strengthen you.

(00:03:40) Follow what you love to do

(00:04:18) Traditional Mentality: Get a job with good insurance.

(00:05:37) Find where your value lies.

(00:07:00) When God stepped in during Chef Roderick's challenging moments

(00:08:07) The essence of sharing your pain points

(00:09:08) Your passion will add value to your character.

(00:10:16) Taking a leap of faith in entrepreneurship.

(00:11:53) An entrepreneurial mindset: Discipline and Consistency 

(00:13:20) Don't try to do everything yourself: Buy people's time 

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(00:15:35) Surround yourself with people older than you. 

(00:16:12) There is got to be more to life than failures.

(00:18:03) US Foods: God will open a door of significant opportunity.

(00:20:32) Life experiences: The menu of Roderick's inspiration

(00:21:30) Serve your competitors: Success requires servanthood. 

(00:23:20) There's a blessing on the other side of adversity.

(00:24:11) The journey of a beautiful teacup.

(00:26:14) Are you willing to go through adversity to be made beautifully ready?

(00:28:29) Never quit. Keep going.

(00:28:53) What can you do for love?

(00:29:19) Connect with Chef Roderick Hollins.


Key Takeaways: 


 "Sometimes life will knock the life out of you, but you got to let life strengthen you, and you got to keep moving forward." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"A lot of times in the school system, we give up on students instead of seeing what they love to do." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"A couple of generations back, the mentality was to get a job that has good insurance. To not take chances because chances will make you broke instead get an education, a thing that was just to tried and true." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"I didn't realize that the Lord was all I needed until the Lord was all I had. I didn't have anything else. I didn't have anybody else." – Chef Roderick Hollins


 "I believe everyone in their life is going to have a pivotal point whereas you can either go down, stay where you are, or else move forward in your life." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"When you start to reveal some of the pain points and setbacks that you had to overcome, you become more realistic and more somebody that people can identify with you with." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"As the carpenter builds the house, the house builds the carpenter." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"Once you give your life over to God, no matter what kind of adversity you've got, he can use you in that capacity to change other people's lives." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"As you move forward, you must pick up different tools from each experience like you're building a nest." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"Surround yourself with people that are older than you and have been in the game longer than you." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"Sometimes in life, you think that you were above things when you made it to the point of success, and you may feel like you are above certain things. But that's when you start to let your guard down." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"If you can just give God eight minutes, he can do more in eight minutes than you can do in a lifetime." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"If you want to go to the top, you got to be a servant." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"I had to go through the ovens. I had to go through the wheel. I used to be that lump of clay, and I still don't feel like I'm ready yet." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"As you move forward, you must pick up different tools from each experience like you're building a nest." – Chef Roderick Hollins


"Life will challenge you; obstacles will test you, but it's what you got on the inside that's going to determine if you fail or if you make it through." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


 "Stop looking at what love could do for you and look at what you can do for love." – Chef Roderick Hollins



Connect with Chef Roderick Hollins: 

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Roderick Hollins

Food Fanatic Chef US FOODS

Roderick Hollins was born and raised in Vicksburg, MS. He has 3 children. He currently lives in Lubbock, TX and he's Food Fanatic Chef for US Foods. His passion is cooking and working with youth.