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Sept. 5, 2022

Uncommon and Unfinished with Ben Troupe

What does it take to be uncommon? Why can't I be like somebody?  The truth is, we are born uncommonly unique.  In some aspects, we are so distinct from each other that not even a fingerprint looks the same. We are extraordinary by design and...

What does it take to be uncommon? Why can't I be like somebody? 

The truth is, we are born uncommonly unique.  In some aspects, we are so distinct from each other that not even a fingerprint looks the same. We are extraordinary by design and we need only to open our eyes and see our worth. We have to realize our full potential and believe that God can see something in us.

However, we can be an excellent catalyst for another's success story. On occasion, we are privy to moments when we get an opportunity to prepare a path that somebody else is destined to walk.  One such encounter is when we help others to achieve their victory in life. The epiphany of success is not that you have accomplished your dreams but rather that you are instrumental in helping someone else achieve their victory. Therefore, put your best effort into all you do, strive to be an expert in yourself, set a goal for success, and bring someone up as you climb. 


Ben Troupe is a football star, a media brand, a motivational speaker, a man of faith, a father, and a son. Troupe grew up in Swainsboro, Georgia, where his wonderful parents and grandparents nurtured him. He became a passionate advocate and volunteer, standing tall for needy people. Ben believes in expanding perspectives through exposure. He lives his life with a "least among us" mentality, focusing on improvement for all. 


In this special episode with Ben Troupe, we'll learn about a man who grew up in a beautiful place and got to live a dream. He will be opening our minds about being a blessing to other people's lives. Letting us know that life isn't about reaching your goals but helping another dreamer get theirs.  That is a humbling revelation. 


"Sometimes you're just a means of transportation to get people where they are trying to go. It's the best feeling in the world to know that somebody's thinking of wanting to do something, and they think you can help them do it. That's humbling to me." – Ben Troupe

Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:00:15) Introducing our special guest, Ben Troupe

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(00:01:37) The nurtured country boy: Who is Dr. Ben Troupe?

(00:04:10) The American dream: Ordinary people living extraordinary lives

(00:05:19) The job to be my whole self: Being a representation of more than just a true family.

(00:08:10) Flexibility in transitions: From knowing everybody to knowing nobody

(00:10:09) A late bloomer: At what point did you separate yourself as a football star?

(00:13:36) Georgia's best-kept secret: Handle what you can handle

(00:15:52) Swansboro mentality: Trying not to stand out

(00:17:36) Let exposure be your teacher

(00:18:10) Do not let fame be your motivation: "I don't care about no praise."

(00:19:36) Money is just a microscope: What do you give more value?

(00:20:29) True blessing: Helping people without wanting anything in return

(00:21:45) Be somebody worth meeting because of your type of person.

(00:23:28) Bumblebee Mentality: The misery of not knowing what you are supposed to be.

(00:25:38) Be a bridge for other people's success: A means of transportation to get people where they want to go.

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(00:30:45) Uncommon and unfinished: The worst thing I could do is try to make myself normal.

(00:32:10) Growth is an uncomfortable process, but it's the process worth going through.

(00:33:24) The ghostwriter: What BJ Bennet had ever wanted to do?

(00:36:41) The father-son love story: The man that gave me life gave me my life back.

(00:40:20) Final TimeOut with Ben Troupe: What is the importance of being more than just an athlete?

(00:41:21) Sports are temporary: Separate your identity from the entity

(00:43:31) Don't hold onto things that fade.

 (00:48:41) Connect with Ben Troupe.

 (00:49:32) Be yourself: Be an expert at being you.


Key Takeaways:

"The American dream was ordinary people living extraordinary lives. That is the American dream because it has to be attainable for all of us." – Ben Troupe


"What is extraordinary? Extraordinary to me is what I chase. It was something different. And it's not predicated on what the world says." – Ben Troupe


"It is my job to be my full self, as much as I possibly can, no matter where I am, no matter who I'm talking to." – Ben Troupe

"The mistake that I've had and the bumps and the roles that I've had, I wouldn't change it. It makes me who I am. The whole notion, if I can go back, I wouldn't change nothing cause I don't become the person I am now because it's all relative and it's all worth it." – Ben Troupe


"Then I realize that's even though I didn't know; I can't get my perception of something through somebody else's view." – Ben Troupe


"I didn't know what exposure was doing to me. Like I'm going to athletes, I'm seeing all these athletes shaking hands, which blew my mind. Cause I still got a swan mentality like I'm in the city now, but I'm trying not to stand out." – Ben Troupe


"It's to this day I let exposure be my teacher. I don't try to limit anything. I don't try to hold myself back because I wasn't hesitant to get on that plane." – Ben Troupe


"I appreciate it, but I don't care about no praise, no accolades. I just had fun. I did the best I could with the time I had given. I'm not creating any enemies. I didn't have no hatred." – Ben Troupe


"Some people let Money and fame change them, but as you mentioned, it truly just augments who you already are. Your weaknesses still are your weaknesses unless you address them. Your strengths are going to be your strengths. It's up to us to look at ourselves and change ourselves." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"Money is just a microscope. Whatever you are without it, It will highlight you with it. And money lets you know what you value." – Ben Troupe


"You became somebody worth talking to not because of the sport you play cause that is temporary but because of the type of person you are." – Ben Troupe


"People want somebody who is approachable. People want respectful people. People want people who talk to people, not talk down to them. People want somebody who's understanding. Understanding means to suffer with thee." – Ben Troupe


"I feel like my responsibility now that I'm through the door is to go back down and bring somebody else up because you can knock all day long, but unless somebody invites you into that room many times, you're not gonna ever get into it." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"Sometimes we go in rooms to tell the person who wants to be in that room. It isn't what you think it is. I'm not telling you not to go in there, but if you need this room to validate, you don't go there. That's supposed to benefit me. I don't suppose to be benefiting from in that room." – Ben Troupe


"Sometimes you're just a means of transportation to get people where they are trying to go. It's the best feeling in the world to know that somebody's thinking of wanting to do something, and they think you can help them do it. That that's humbling to me." – Ben Troupe


"I heard somebody say once that you see two dates when you look at a tombstone. You got a date when you came, and you got a date when you died and that dash in the middle of your life. So unfinished is just fighting for that dash, fighting for your life." – Ben Troupe


"And so my dad showed me at that moment that vulnerability might be my best ability. I don't know if it will be the best ability for somebody else, but for me, it gave me authenticity. It gave me an honesty that I don't have to lie about because my dad is the best man. I wouldn't trade him for nothing." – Ben Troupe


"My dad said it takes being something to understand. It takes being a man to understand the man. It takes being a father to understand the father." – Ben Troupe


"I'm the first in a lot of things, and I don't wanna be the last." – Ben Troupe


"Winning and losing in sports has to do with the scoreboard, winning and losing life has to do with your effort." – Ben Troupe


"The greatest thing about being a player is being a former player because that means you got a chance to do it." – Ben Troupe


Connect with Ben Troupe:

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