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How to Enhance Your Financial Future with CEO Kaaren Hall

A good quote says, "the only person who will take care of the older you someday is the younger you today." When we are young, we frequently put off thinking about retirement and prefer to worry about it later. However, our strength will not forever serve us well. Nevertheless, if we desire our future to be more promising, we must thoughtfully prepare for it.

Moreover, a self-directed IRA is a recommended type of individual retirement account that allows you to save for retirement with assets that are off-limits for conventional IRAs. Thus, we must seek a more profound knowledge of it since many individuals who don't utilize self-directed IRAs are unaware of it. We must also surround ourselves with like-minded people who are willing to share their failures and successes. Their journey can teach us vicariously to learn and grow in life, knowledge, and skills.

Kaaren Hall is a single mother, Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), Self-Directed IRA Professional (SDIP), CA Real Estate License, founder of Orange County Real Estate Investors Association, and the CEO of UDirect IRA Services. These services help thousands of Americans invest their IRA outside the stock market into real estate, land, private notes & more to improve their financial future. Kaaren discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate, and property management to use. Hall brings her full passion to educating Americans about the little-known investment vehicle. She has educated tens of thousands of investors and professionals on building wealth by taking control of self-directed IRAs. Through UDirect IRA, she has guided thousands of Americans through diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs.

In this special episode with Kaaren Hall, we'll learn about the things concerning Individual Retirement Accounts. Tune in today as we discover how important it is to understand where to correctly put the hard-earned money that can better serve you in the future.

"The retirement account is for later; it's not for now. So, everything you do in this retirement account is to save for your future self." – Kaaren Hall

Topics Covered:
(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet
(00:00:13) Introducing our special guest, Kaaren Hall
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(00:02:22) The long journey: How Kaaren become the CEO of uDirect IRA Services
(00:03:47) The best time to open a self-directed IRA company
(00:05:18) 2009: A big financial downturn
(00:06:58) How does a self-directed IRA differ from a traditional IRA?
(00:08:08) Rules for investing money into a solo 401k account: Where to use and not use your money?
(00:09:07) Prohibited transaction: Who are the disallowed individuals to benefit from your IRA?
(00:10:33) What is the best way to learn about prohibited transactions?
(00:11:15) What are the different kinds of accounts?
(00:13:02) Self-directed IRA is always your money.
(00:13:34) Why does self-directed 401k seem to be a well-kept secret?
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(00:15:54) Text free vs. Text deferred.
(00:17:30) Health Savings Account: How can we utilize HSA?
(00:20:21) How should young entrepreneurs be investing for retirement?
(00:21:48) How much money should a person have for retirement?
(00:22:57) The process of investing
(00:24:02) Make a diligent study on where to put your money.
(00:25:27) More freedom, more risk
(00:26:44) Final TimeOut with Kaaren Hall: Why is it imperative to invest and plan for the future?
(00:28:19) Community is essential: Surround yourself with like-minded people.
(00:28:55) Connect with Kaaren Hall.

Key Takeaways:

"So, to get tax protection, you have to follow certain rules and avoid the prohibited transaction." – Kaaren Hall

"With more freedom, there's more risk." – Kaaren Hall

"Community is important. It’s one way to learn and grow together by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are willing to share their failures and successes." – Dr. Derrick Burgess

Connect with Kaaren Hall:
Website: https://udirectira.com/
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/KaarenHall/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/udirectira

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