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Jan. 23, 2023

How to Avoid Bad Days with Jeffrey Holst

How to Avoid Bad Days with Jeffrey Holst

Life is made up of two things, good and bad circumstances. However, it is not the circumstances that make a day great or terrible instead; it is how we perceive it to be. Amidst tough times, we often get drowned by worry, loneliness, and fear of...

Life is made up of two things, good and bad circumstances. However, it is not the circumstances that make a day great or terrible instead; it is how we perceive it to be. Amidst tough times, we often get drowned by worry, loneliness, and fear of losing in the game of life. Sometimes, we let ourselves be paralyzed by such thoughts that we end up being the worst version of ourselves. Thus, while facing challenging circumstances, we are constantly urged to be joyful and learn how to make our everyday delightful.


However, we must recognize that staying positive doesn't mean you must always be happy. It simply means that even on hard days, you can find reasons to smile and look for the positive side of every situation you're in. And that if we seek to accomplish beautiful things in this life, we must learn how to appreciate even the little things and find happiness in them. We must develop a mind and heart that believes in our ability to bloom, reminding us daily to lean on our uniqueness and trust that we can do great things. As our guest speaker says, "Each person will experience both easy and difficult times. However, it would be best if you prepared yourself never to let difficult circumstances affect the quality of how you live your life. Since we only have one life to live, we owe it to the world to live it to its fullest."


Jeffrey Holst is a husband, author, entrepreneur, podcaster, traveler, and lover of life. He is also a Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Coach, Motivational Speaker, Realtor, Attorney, Businessman, Manager, Counselor, Consultant, and co-host of the Old-Fashioned Real Estate Show, where the hosts drink bourbon old-fashioned and talk about real estate investing. He is the co-host and founder of the Last Life Ever Podcast. Jeff is a recovering attorney who spends his time as a podcast host and real estate investor. Jeff graduated early and with honors from Michigan State College of Law, where he was the graduating class speaker. Jeff is a millionaire with over 250 residential units in his portfolio today. He also owns multiple commercial properties. He is still married and continues to travel extensively.


In this special episode with Jeffrey Holst, we'll learn about the journey of a man who encountered sickness at an early age and discovered he had Leukemia during the peak of his career as an attorney. Be encouraged as we discover how Jeff developed a purposeful declaration of intent and how it made him passionate about helping people live the best possible version of their lives. 


"Somewhere in the world right now, someone's having the best day of their life while someone's having the worst day. And so objectively, the day today, it's neither good nor bad; it's how those people perceive it." – Jeffrey Holst


Topics Covered:

(00:00:00) Introduction + Episode Snippet

(00:01:10) Introducing our special guest, Jeffrey Holst

(00:01:42) The Old-fashioned Real Estate podcast and Last Life Ever podcast

(00:03:02) How does Jeffrey's perspective change upon discovering he has Leukemia?

(00:05:07) The upsetting news of Jeffrey's awful health condition 

(00:06:39) Michelangelo's Moses

(00:08:09) Travel Bucket list: What should I do now?

(00:09:45) A Life list: What do I want to accomplish during my lifetime?

(00:10:59) How did Jeffrey's goal shift from a bucket list to a life list?

(00:12:05) Shifting from practicing law to real estate investing

(00:13:08) Give up bad bays: Today is a good day!

(00:14:22) You can train your mind never to have bad days.

(00:15:35) Try looking for the positive things in life

(00:17:14) How Jeffrey's practice of affirmation prepared him to face difficult moments

(00:18:55) Creating a personal declaration of success for yourself

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(00:20:55) You develop a habit of doing what you consistently practice.

(00:22:10) The Last Life Ever philosophy

(00:23:49) We owe it to the world to live our purpose in life.

(00:24:13) The Passion and Goal of Jeffrey Holst

(00:25:00) Am I making a big enough impact in this world? 

(00:26:12) Leaning into the unique version of yourself

(00:28:04) Speaking positivity into existence

(00:29:13) How can we look for the good in negative situations? 

(00:30:47) You can always learn something from anyone.

(00:32:18) Final TimeOut with Jeffrey Holst: How would you encourage someone on the verge of giving up on having a positive outlook?

(00:33:45) Believe you can!

(00:34:42) Connect with Jeffrey Holst.

(00:35:00) The Book: No Bad Days (How to make every day great)


Key Takeaways: 

"We only get this one shot in life, and we owe it to ourselves and to the world to live the best possible version of the life that we have." – Jeffrey Holst


"So, once I realized I had more time, I started thinking about what kind of life I wanted. And so, I quit practicing law because I didn't love it, and I took a job and started investing in real estate." – Jeffrey Holst


"I decided to give up on bad days." – Jeffrey Holst


"It turns out that you can train your brain to do certain things, such as if you focus on the positive long enough, your body starts recognizing positive things as they happen." – Jeffrey Holst


"Words are powerful and you can trick your mind into believing what you want to believe if you repeat it long enough." – Jeffrey Holst


"If you want to train yourself to be happy, you must find positive things every day and wallow in them a little bit." – Jeffrey Holst


"The moment you accept a hundred percent responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life." – Jeffrey Holst


"I didn't think it was my fault that I had Leukemia, but it was my responsibility. I had to make the decisions to get through the situation in the most positive way possible." – Jeffrey Holst


"Words are powerful, and what you continue to practice, it becomes a habit." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to your family and your community, and even to the world to live the best version of your life." – Jeffrey Holst


"It's not about fame and glory and or being the richest man in the world; it's about leaning into who you are and the unique version of yourself." – Jeffrey Holst


"It's so important to be willing to share your story because you don't know who's struggling with that same concept or illness and be able to help them change their life positively." – Dr. Derrick Burgess


"Sometimes it's easy to make judgments about people based on their circumstances, but most of the time there's a lot more to that story." – Jeffrey Holst


"There's going to be easier days, and there's going to be harder days. And the trick is to recognize that if you know where you want to go, you must keep yourself focused on that prize, and believe that you can accomplish it, then you can accomplish it." – Jeffrey Holst


"If you're facing hardship, make sure you're doubling down on believing where you're heading." – Jeffrey Holst


Connect with Jeffrey Holst: 

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Jeffrey Holst


Jeffrey Holst is a recovering attorney who hasn't had a bad day in more than a quarter of a century. Jeff pays for his love of adventure and travel through real estate investing. He has climbed to the highest point in Africa, swam with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, dodged sharks while diving at night in Australia, and hiked among seals and penguins in Antarctica. Jeff has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and radio shows where he has shared his inspiring story of staying positive and overcoming adversity and achieving success, despite multiple life-threatening illnesses and financial ruin. Jeff graduated early, with honors from Michigan State college of Law. He also holds an MBA. When they're not exploring the world, Jeff, and his Chihuahua, Trixie, split time between their homes in Chattanooga, Tennessee and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jeff is often referred to as the most interesting man in the world.